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The Dresdens - The Dresdens (10" album blue vinyl) HEAVE003

Originally recorded in 2007 & shelved until now comes rock n'roll punk street rats The Dresdens eponymously titled debut album, finally unleashed! Featuring former Winnebago Deal dudes Ben Thomas (drums) & Ben Perrier (vocals/bass) & ex Gunbunny man Jack Goldstein (vocals/guitar)

This is fourteen punchy tracks of punk rock n'roll from the streets to the gutter. Mastered by the same guy who did Rocket From The Crypt!

Pressing Information

Hand numbered, limited edition album. Exclusive for Record Store Day 2013


  1. Out On The Streets
  2. You're A Liar
  3. The Battle Within
  4. A Better Life
  5. Bone Dry
  6. Lifted
  7. I Can't Love
  8. Mercenaries
  9. We Are The Dresdens
  10. Revolution
  11. Be A Believer
  12. Skin Is In
  13. You Can't Fool Us
  14. Street Rats