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Freebase / Quiet Man / Blasted / Teef - Four Way Split LP HEAVE010

Four way split from four of the finest hardcore punk rock bands in the UK, featuring Dry Heave residents Freebase & Blasted plus the debut of, Quiet Man and TEEF. 15 all new tracks from these four bands, ranging from metallic hardcore, through high octane rock n’roll punk through to D beat crust and fast-core.

FREEBASE (feat. members of Stampin' Ground & Assert) return after the 2012 EP 'From The Basement' & Download festival appearance with 3 new tracks produced by Russ Russell (Napalm Death, At The Gates). These songs see the band increase the speed and ferocity of their trademark metallic hardcore.FFO : Knuckledust, Hatebreed.

The mysterious QUIET MAN (feat. members of Crazy Arm & Woahnows) hail from Plymouth and unleash a debut of their self styled 'bleak wave'. With a raging D Beat crust inspired sound that is also melodic, technical and always brutal as hell. FFO ; Tragedy, Martyrdod.

High octane, hardcore punks BLASTED return after their 2012 debut EP with four more tracks of their super fast , rock n'roll blitzcore. The brain child of Winnebago Deal frontman Ben Perrier, these four new songs are gritty, urgent and essential. FFO : Poison Idea, Zeke.

Brighton's TEEF (feat. members of War Wolf) have been causing mayhem across the South East for the past year with their chaotic, raging hardcore tinged with powerviolence & blast beat. These four short, sharp, blasts of incendiary hardcore are the bands debut tracks. FFO : Coke Bust, Punch.

Pressing Information

500 x black & white swirl vinyl


  1. Freebase - P.N.D.
  2. Freebase - F.A.F.Y.
  3. Freebase - Peace Offering
  4. Quiet Man - Carcosa
  5. Quiet Man - Cuba. 4am
  6. Quiet Man - Endless Bastard
  7. Quiet Man - Nihilism Is For Quitters
  8. Blasted - Blasted
  9. Blasted - Cult Rituals
  10. Blasted - Modern Fools
  11. Blasted - Yero Zero
  12. TEEF - Intro - Pale
  13. TEEF - Violent War
  14. TEEF - Quiet Life
  15. TEEF - Soul Sucker